Brista Drake
Before college, replication was my favorite type of art form. If the assignment was to draw a face, I made a duplicate of that face in pencil. If I was asked to paint a lifelike dog, I’d be precise enough to add each hair on its head. I was awarded prizes because viewers couldn’t tell my pictures from the real things and never thought art was anything other than that.
In the beginning of my college career, I quickly realized art is so much more than replication.
It can be a statement, a form of expression, visual emotions, activism, and so much more, which I never tried to pursue. The inspiration for that had left as quickly as it came, and I was afraid that I would never get it back.
Inspiration has reawakened and expanded within my classes. The process has been a collaboration. I’ve been inspired by others to let go of stereotypical ideas about art and discover the importance behind my work. Whether I’m making a statue out of blocks or constructing a collage of diverse images, my peers push me to find a deeper message in my art.
Art is so much more than replicating what one sees in a photograph. I trusted my artistic intuition, creating beautiful, meaningful pieces with a message for all viewers. Art’s about responding to complex ideas inside my mind and communicating them through images and color. Art is unique to every individual and it’s a sample of every person’s inner self. This is how I look at art now.